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What Is Oden Reiki?

How does Oden Reiki Work? Everything alive has a Life Force Energy, Aura or Shield around it. We know it can be photographed and we think many intuitive people can see it. What exactly is this shield and what is its function while we exist on the physical plane? The Aura is a series of rings of energy that encircle and nourish our physical and spiritual bodies. The inner ring usually remains the same color in our lives and it is the vibrational frequency we used to enter this physical plane. The middle and outer rings change frequently. The patterns and colors contain all we are, all we have experienced and everything we are about to. This is what a clairvoyant often tunes into when reading a person.

If we have any kind of dark or heavy pattern in our middle or outer auras, we might have a corresponding condition in our physical, mental or emotional bodies. Rather than pulling the energy out or pouring light into it, Oden Reiki matches the frequency of such an energy, surpasses and then shatters it. Much in the same way Ella Fitzgerald did in the 1960’s Memorex Commercials, when she shatters a glass by hitting a high note. In easy terms, Oden Reiki is instant in its results to purify the Aura, or Life Force Energy Field of anyone or anything. Within minutes the offending energy pattern no longer exist as it was, it has been shattered to raw energy to be returned to the first spiritual plane of Energy. This in turn can cause drastic and instant changes.